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Biometric locking mechanisms are no longer exclusive to high-profile military-grade government facilities. Fingerprint scanners are highly efficient, cost-effective and easy-to-use solutions that have been combined with electronic locks to provide multi-factor authentication for our Atlas Secure server cabinets.

Biometric locking mechanisms

Our professional series includes an added layer of access protection in the form of a biometric keypad access panel. The Atlas Secure available from our Eurobyte Technology branches can carry loads heavier than 1200 kgs for modern bulky servers. Considerable attention has been paid to cooling and airflow to ensure the server environment is kept at it’s optimal temperate.

The units come with castors and adjustable feet as standard. This allows one person to easily roll units weighing more than a metric ton into place before being jacked up and levelled with the adjustable feet. The castors are specially designed and manufactured for heavy loads. They have high precision ball bearings, heavy-duty metal pressing & hard-wearing rubber which are suitable for server room flooring.

Product Features

  • Front door glass round
  • Rear door x1
  • Side panels x4 (Inside Lockable)
  • Uprights x4
  • Depth Reducers x6
  • Mags x4
  • LED lights + switch (Blue and White) x2
  • Feet + Casters
  • Rear Doors + 8 Fans system
  • F18 Biometric keypad + LED screens access control

Why choose our Server-Racks?

Get the most out of your server room with our server racks and accessories. Our range of server cabinets and enclosures offers secure storage for your valuable network and AV equipment .

Our equipment will help you to:

  • Neatly store and secure equipment
  • Ensure easy access and monitoring
  • Manage cooling and airflow efficiently
  • Manage cable issues to reduce clutter
  • Fit your equipment correctly in its space with different size and mounting options

Our server cabinets and enclosures are ROHS compliant and made in South Africa.

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