Brilliant integration of VCA and people counting technology by Uniview

Software for counting people 

Brilliant integration of VCA and people counting technology by Uniview

Traditionally, people counting has always been associated with marketers and used in isolation for marketing purposes. Video Content Analytics (VCA) is another technology implemented on CCTV systems to analyse data.

Uniview were innovative and integrated these two concepts into all their high-quality surveillance cameras to produce a camera that can people count. This ability to merge useful technologies makes Uniview stand out from the crowd.

The screen below shows a demarcation setting, and assesses the direction of the traffic and logs the entry accordingly. These are just some of the set-up features.

Once the data has been gathered it can be analysed from various perspectives, for example number of entries at any given point, time etc. This data can then be used to improve traffic control or for other purposes.

The ability to integrate these two technologies goes beyond basic surveillance and offers a great selling point for the return on your investment. Other SMART features built into the camera include:

  • Face detection
  • Intrusion detection
  • Cross line detection

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