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Till overlay – Point of sale solutions (POS), People counting analytics, thermal cameras and CCTV Accessories

Is your business surveillance infrastructure up to the job? In this article, we delve into the world of retails and surveillance technology. We introduce three novel solutions – Point of Sale (PoS) Till Overlay security software, thermal cameras for your food and beverage temperature control management and an NVR with analytics for people counting. We also present a wide range of CCTV and surveillance accessories to help you get your system set up quickly and efficiently.

The first product we touch on is a Till Overlay Point of Sale (POS) software solution from Geovision, the Geovison GV- Point of Sale (PoS) Software Systems -Code: 55-POSTS-001. Till overlay or text overlay integrates your POS system with your surveillance cameras to make it easy to connect transactions and surveillance data. The second product is the Uniview 3 series NVR from the Uniview NVR range. It has several intelligent features built in including people counting for analytics, a growing requirement in today’s competitive retail market. Our third featured product is the DLD-J09-384 Dali Thermal Bullet Camera for managing temperature-controlled environments. This Thermal Camera is an excellent piece of tech for refrigeration environments and cold storage facilities. Finally, we present a wide selection of top selling Uniview CCTV Accessories for your CCTV installation.

Geovison GV-Point of Sale (PoS ) CCTV
Match your cashpoint transactions to video surveillance

Click to view the 55-POSTS-001

The Geovison GV- Point of Sale (PoS) Software Systems with till overlay is a brilliant POS software solution that integrates your existing POS system with your surveillance cameras to make it easy to connect cash point transactions and surveillance data. It captures the POS transaction data and overlays it with surveillance video. Each sale can be found quickly and efficiently and reviewed based on Date / Time / POS ID / Item in Interest / Price / and Keywords.

This novel software solution allows you to track transactions and connect surveillance data for possible investigation. POS integrated video recording can be accessed by clicking on the POS Log or by using the Quick Search Tool.

Click to view the Geovison GV- Point of Sale (PoS) Software package

The GV-VMS POS Till Overlay integration allows users to filter transaction data. It also incorporates a transaction alarm to identify unusual activity. The Geovison GV- Point of Sale (PoS) Systems will also notify the user and management when an item is processed at an irregular price.

Features in the software package include

• POS system integration
• People counting
• Heatmap functions
• Cloud-based customer analytics
• Mobile access for customer analytic report
• Mobile notification for video surveillance

The retail environment is getting more and more competitive as new players and brands enter the market. The right technology solutions are a step in the right direction. This Till Overlay software solution will cover many of your essential bases.

NVR 3 series Uniview NVR
Sell more by understanding customer movement

Click to view the Uniview NVR

The Univew NVR 3 Series takes the guesswork out of understanding your store’s conversion ratios, dwell time and staffing needs. Our people counting systems allow you to determine your footfall patterns. From the entrance to the merchandise and till point people counting technology can give you the analytical data to make more informed marketing and traffic management decisions.

Our intelligent Uniview NVR Recorders incorporate analytics, and this opens new possibilities in CCTV surveillance operations and management for your business. CCTV is no longer just about security. Marketers can draw valuable data to help them in their decision-making process.

The Uniview NVR comes with a selection of built-in intelligent features suited to businesses that depend on foot traffic from retail outlets to food and beverage houses, nightclubs and many more. Some of the hardware features for this NVR include:

Product Features

• 4 / 8 / 16 / 32 or 64 channel camera inputs
• Third-party IP cameras supported with ONVIF conformance
• Support 1-ch HDMI, 1-ch VGA, HDMI at up to 4K (3840×2160) resolution
• Up to 12 megapixels resolution recording
• Support H.265/H.264 video formats + advanced u-code compression format
• Accurate retrieval, instant playback
• Support for P2P, UPnP, NTP, DHCP, PPPoE
• Support for mobile client access

Click to watch the Uniview People Counter NVR in action

Smart Functions In this short video we show the overhead people counting technology in action.

DLD-J09-384 Thermal Bullet Camera from Dali
The answer to monitoring theft of frozen goods

Click to view the Dali Thermal Camera

The pilfering of stock items in retail outlets has damaging effects on the health of the business. There are hardly any CCTV solutions on the market that can actively intercept pilfering, footage is often simply overlooked. Frozen meats and cold items are often the target because of their high value and can be easily stowed under attire which standard cameras cannot detect or alert.

A unique approach has been adopted by some utilising thermal imaging cameras to identify cold spots on perpetrators attire. This allows security to effectively screen people without knowledge of it and only search suspects where there is some evidence to warrant such a request.

The Dali DLD-J09-384 Thermal Bullet Camera is an excellent addition for your instore surveillance monitoring of frozen goods, in retail environments or large cold room environments.

Click to view the DLD-J09-384 Thermal Camera
Some of the other features that make this a great camera include the following:

Product Features

• 384×288, Uncooled FPA microbolometer
• 50HZ real-time imaging
• Optional brightness/gain configuration adjustment for your easy operation in different condition
• IP66
• Lightning protection and anti-surge

Theft is a huge concern for any enterprise selling goods. The DLD-J09-384 Thermal Bullet Camera from Dali will keep an eye on things, alert you and help you mitigate the risks.

Watch Video
Title: DALI Thermal Imaging Cameras
In this video Dali present their thermal imaging cameras in action. Eurobyte Technology supply the Dali range of Thermal Cameras. Call us to find out more.

Uniview Accessories
All the pieces you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently

Click to view the range

We speak to CCTV installers, network administrators and systems managers daily and one common, frustrating thread is not having the right tool or accessory when you are up a ladder, in the middle of an installation or finalising your count before going out into the field. Even more frustrating is not being able to find the product on the market.

As experts in the network installation, CCTV and hardware fields we pre-empt your needs and ensure we have what you need in stock. When it comes to your CCTV setup, we have a massive range of accessories and peripherals available when you need them.

Click to view the range

We have accessories to install the full range of cameras including:

• Box camera mounts
• Dome camera mounts
• Fixed dome camera mounts
• Fisheye camera mounts
• Mini dome camera mounts
• Bullet camera mounts
• Indoor and outdoor PTZ camera mounts

Mounts include indoor pendant mounts, shortened brackets, long brackets, swan neck brackets, wall mount brackets, pole mount brackets; corner mount brackets, extra back outlets for cabling covered with black foam and much, much more in stock.

Click to watch the video

10 Tips for Effective CCTV for Business and Home Owners: Where and how you install your camera is important. A CCTV system is not efficient if not set up in the right way and maintained adequately. Get a certified installer to set up your system. Contact us for your CCTV Accessories

We have a range of solutions for the retail industry and all businesses. We hope some of the novel products we introduced provide a solution for you. If not give our team of experts a call, tell us your needs and we will offer a selection of solutions that will give you the business edge. We are just a call and consultation away.

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