Cabling needs attention to detail to be reliable

Cabling needs attention to detail to be reliable

Shortcuts in the setup of your network are never a good idea. Many network engineers and top level administrators will focus on the hardware and software and leave the selection of networking cables to less experienced individuals. Often the result is a well-designed network plagued by the effects of cheap network cables.

Cheap cables have lower than standard diameter copper cores, which causes signal loss and results in imperfect signal propagation. When non-standard copper cores are mated to standard cores it creates more interference because the impedance mismatch causes signal reflections.

Narrow diameter cores are also physically weaker and are more likely to snap or stretch further over time, thus making them more likely to fail.

When selecting cabling it’s important for the engineers and top level administrators to guide the team and select high quality, durable cables that keep a well-built network functioning optimally. Give us a call for our full range of high quality network cables and networking accessories. Visit the website for the full range.
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The Eurobyte Team

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