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Cattex Trolleys & Battery Cabinets

This catalogue provides an overview of the top laptop and tablet trolleys and battery cabinets available from Cattex, distributed exclusively by Eurobyte. Find out more about Cattex’s 12, 24 and 36 unit charging trolleys, including the specifications for each trolley. You can also explore the main features of Cattex’s battery boxes and cabinets, including our Lithium and Deep Cycle Gel battery cabinets, 6.5U and 13U Lithium battery boxes.

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Find out everything you need to know about Long Life UPSs, proudly produced and distributed by Eurobyte. You’ll also find the specifications for our two models, the 1.2KVA and 2.4KVA, in this document, along with information about the estimated running time of the models. You can find also find information about our true online rackmountable and tower UPS range. To round it off, you can explore our line interactive tower UPS in this catalogue

Indoor Cabinets

Find out why you need indoor cabinets from Cattex, a South African brand distributed exclusively by Eurobyte. This catalogue discusses the benefits of Cattex’s floor standing server cabinets, as well as the specifications of the wide range of models available in this category. Explore our wall mount networking cabinets here, including the main features of their doors, frames and panels, which are all made to world-class standards. Don’t miss out on our IQ rack environmental networking cabinets, featured in this document.

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KVM Switches

Get quick information about our KVM LCD and KVM VGA and HDMI switches in this catalogue. Eurobyte’s KVM LCDs for VGA and HDMI are available in 17” and 19” rack mountable units. Both our VGA and HDMI switches are rack mountable and comprehensive overviews of their features are shared in this document.


Get introduced to the best of Uniview in this comprehensive product guide from the global manufacturer in professional video surveillance devices and solutions. This brochure covers everything from Uniview’s network cameras to the world-renowned brand’s accessories. Find out what makes UNV’s technology so effective and check out the key features of its most popular products.
Uniview brochure: Discover the world of Uniview with our informative brochure. Learn about our products and services in one convenient guide.
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Network cables

Learn why Eurobyte is your one-stop network cabling destination in this catalogue. Check out our Cat5e/UTP, F/UTP, STP networking cables here, as well as the colours and types we offer – all with a five-year warranty. You’ll also find information about our Cat6/6A Solid/UTP, UV and FTP, STP networking cables, along with all the colours and types we distribute. Explore wall boxes, boot sleeves and connectors for these products and discover the cable testers and network installation toolkits available from Eurobyte. Make sure to check out information about our networking tools and panels while you’re at it.

Outdoor cabinets

This is the catalogue for you if you need information about outdoor cabinets from Cattex, a proudly Eurobyte brand. First up, have a look at Cattex’s IP55 outdoor server cabinets, available in sizes 600mm to 1000mm. We also discuss Cattex’s IP55 wall mount cabinets range of enclosures, which offers protection against dust and weather.

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Learn more about PLANET Technology’s networking products right here. Check out everything from switches to transceivers and converters in this catalogue. Find specifications for PLANET’s industrial switches, including its PoE Ethernet, managed and smart switches, and injector hubs. We also discuss the specs of PLANET’s Power Over Ethernet range and its enterprise stackable managed switches. You’ll also find information about PLANET’s LCD switches, media and fibre transceivers and converters and renewable energy PoE switch here.


Explore Ruijie Reyee’s catalogue of cloud based networking products,
make your network easy with Ruijie Networks.

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