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Fibre patch panels are an essential part of any fibre optic management unit. When you install and manage fibre optic links, you may encounter hundreds or even thousands of fibre cable connections. When installing fibre optic patch panels, it is essential to use the correct fibre cable pigtail to realise the smooth functioning of your fibre distribution.

Fibre optic patch panels an essential part of any fibre optic management unit.

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A benefit of using fibre optic cables is their reliability despite the changes in weather or temperatures. The cables remain dependable as the fibre connectivity is not affected. The network connectivity will not be interrupted by moisture, heat, or even electromagnetic interference as fibre optic cables do not transmit electric current. With this, you will not experience an interruption of data transmission, which is essential in professional use.

The Cattex 24 Way LC Patch Panel – With Splice Kit for fibre is a product to consider when you install and manage the fibre optic links. It has 24 ports suitable for the two types of fibre-optic panels: wall-mounted and rack-mounted.

Single mode fibre cables work well with LC providing higher bandwidth and transmission rates as well as long-distance support.

What does the Kit consist of?

  • 24WFP-LC

For all your Cattex fibre installation needs from Patch Panels, Patch Leads, Pigtails and Mid Couplers to outdoor enclosures and cattex cabling, give our expert team at Eurobyte Technology a call.

Why fibre is better than copper
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Fibre vs Copper
Why fibre is better than copper

Come in and view our fibre demo kit to get a feel for our products and talk to our expert before you buy for peace of mind.

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