How to connect a siren and create video analytics on your CCTV system in 2 minutes. Leave a comment

Many of our clients frequently inquire about how to set up a siren and create video analytics on their CCTV systems. While the idea of multiple cables connected to an NVR might be daunting, we have just the solution for you. The first step is to ensure you have the correct products to set your system up. We at Eurobyte Technology offer a diverse selection of CCTV accessories for your setup.

By connecting the siren to your NVR system, we can connect the alarm to an analytic feature such as intrusion, cross line detection and more.

Wiring for siren/light setup:
1. Connect Siren positive cable to connector 1, connect power supply positive cable to connector 1.
2. Connect siren negative cable to connector 2, connect power supply neg. cable to connector 2.
3. Connect + & – cable from NVR alarm output (dry output) to connector 2 as well.
4. Power up power supply

Alarm setup:
1. Menu>> Alarm >>> VCA >>>> intrusion detection
2. Select relevant camera >> enable cam >> draw the block around the area where you would like the alarm to trigger when a person enters that area >> apply.
3. >>> trigger action >>> alarm output >>> select “A–> 1” >>> app

Click the image to watch the video. Please give us a call or email our tech team for more information.

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