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Eurobyte is a proud distributor of EPS’ UPS equipment, including Sine Wave inverters, batteries and premium Line Interactive and True Online Pure Sine Wave UPSs.

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About EPS

Power backup and generation equipment.

EPS is Eurobyte’s own Emergency Power Solutions brand of premium imported equipment. The EPS brand was born in 2017 from a need to offer the South African market reliable, affordable power backup solutions. Today, EPS is known for highly efficient, customised power backup equipment that is tailored to clients’ needs. Eurobyte resellers trust EPS for projects such as data centre installations, corporate and office automation and file servers, surveillance and POS backup.

EPS power solutions

Eurobyte’s offering to our registered dealers and resellers

A solar inverter with an LCD display showing real-time data and settings for efficient energy conversion.

Sine Wave

Get EPS’ Modified Sine Wave and Pure Sine Wave Hybrid inverters from Eurobyte, complete with technical support.
A black battery with a green circle around it, representing a power source for electronic devices.

Batteries & cabinets

EPS provides quality Lithium-ion and Deep Cycle Gel batteries, along with quality, affordable custom-made battery cabinets.

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Uninterrupted Power Supply

Access efficiency with EPS’ Line Interactive and True Online Pure Sine Wave UPSs in rack and tower format.

Why EPS?

Your power supply needs sorted

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Access premium EPS products with ultimate after-sales support

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We offer support at every step with a fully-fledged customer service centre for first-line support for applied solutions.

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Extended inverter warranties

EPS hybrid inverters have a standard two-year carry-in warranty with the option to buy an extended year for additional cover.

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Panels from EPS carry a 25-year workmanship guarantee for ultimate peace of mind and a one-year carry-in warranty.

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EPS products can be ordered at the touch of a button on our website. Get quotes, access past orders and request support right here.