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Eurobyte Technology supplies the PLANET POE-TESTER – an easy to use PoE diagnostic adapter for network installers and network managers to quickly identify the existence of Power over Ethernet on networks. It is designed to detect IEEE 802.3af/at PoE voltage runs over the UTP cable and identify the type of PSE (Power Source Equipment) for troubleshooting.

The PLANET POE TESTER is an essential networking tool for testing power to wireless access points, IP surveillance cameras, VoIP phones and other PoE devices. It comes in a handy compact size, and its configure free design makes the POE-TESTER easy to work. It offers plug-and-play PoE diagnostic and PoE installation for installers and system integrators.

To get started merely connect the POE-TESTER to the PSE or the RJ-45 outlet, and the LED will light up when it detects the PoE voltage via the UTP cable. It will identify the PSE to be mid-span, end-span, or even the latest 4-pair 60-watt ultra-PoE in a second.

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Below are some of the features that make this an excellent POE Tester

  • It can quickly test RJ-45 outlets for Power over Ethernet existence
  • Its two LEDs indicate the types of PSE (power source equipment)
    • End-span PoE switch
    • Mid-span PoE injector/injector hub
    • 4-pair, 60-watt ultra-PoE injector
  • It is compliant with IEEE 802.3at/AF POE standards
  • It has a compact, Plug and Play design

Click the image to view the product online

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