Finally, a Check and Swop 3-Year Warranty you can count on

Finally, a Check and Swop 3-Year Warranty you can count on

When it comes to the management of your surveillance infrastructure, there is nothing more frustrating than long delays when getting your warranties fulfilled. All too often it takes days, even weeks to get your faulty or defective product swopped out or replaced. This is a problem, especially for safety critical applications.

Last week, we announced our partnership with Uniview and one of our key attractions was a customer friendly, efficient warranty process to pass onto you our clients.  Eurobyte and Uniview went the extra mile to put in place an excellent after sales service experience to get rid of the poor warranty experiences we come across all too often. Below are the 2 key benefits we pass onto you, our customers.
1. Eurobyte offers a 3-Year Full Warranty on ALL Uniview Products.
2. Eurobyte and Uniview are committed to speedy turn around for all your warranty requirements and this promise is fulfilled through our check and exchange/credit warranty service, no more long waiting.

There are of course conditions that void any warranty such as lightning, physical tampering, and damage. To assist you, we offer preventative measures such as solid, robust camera housing enclosures. These have high POE thresholds to help prevent surges, but as an extra layer we also recommend surge protection on all installations.

At Eurobyte, customer service is of utmost importance to us. Please call us so we can take care of your needs, before and after we do business with you.

Kind regards,
The Eurobyte Team

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