Geovision 84-FR20200-0010 Face Recognition Reader

Geovision 84-FR20200-0010 Face Recognition Reader

The Geovision 84-FR20200-0010 Face Recognition Reader provides access control via access control cards and facial recognition. The retail industry loses millions of Rands per year because of insufficient or non-existent access control measures. It is not uncommon to see CCTV footage of perpetrators walk into areas that should be secure and walk off with thousands of rands worth of merchandise. CCTV cameras alone are not enough to stop unauthorised access to controlled areas. Access control managed by an intelligent system is another key in the surveillance eco-system.

The Geovision 84-FR20200-0010 Face Recognition Reader

The Geovision 84-FR20200-0010 Face Recognition Reader works with the GV-AS Controller and GV-AS Manager to create a complete access control system. It, however, goes beyond the standard card reader system. It has two types of operation modes. These are the Face Recognition mode and the Access Control Card mode. This dual approach mitigates the risk associated with lost or stolen access cards, and unlike the traditional fingerprint reader, facial recognition is contactless and more efficient if set up correctly.

Product Features

  • Two (2) access modes for the integration with Geovision controller and software:
    o Face Recognition mode
    o Card mode
  • 2.4″ TFT colour screen, 320 x 240-pixel display
  • Special stereo dual sensors (Lens and IR sensor)
  • Up to 80 cm (31. 50 in) detection range
  • 2000 face capacity
  • ≤ 0.5 second verification speed
  • 16-bit Hi-Fi voice and sound indication
  • 12V DC, 2 A (only for standalone operation) / PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at)
  • Built-in 13.56 MHz Reader
  • Work with GV-AS21 / 41 / 81 series Controller and GV-AS Manager
  • Can work as a standalone reader
  • Anti-Pass back (APB) support
  • CE, FCC compliant

ISCWest 2018 GV-VMS with Face Recognition
Click to watch the video
Title: ISCWest 2018 GV-VMS with Face Recognition
Facial recognition on display at the ISC West 2018. Geovision is a global brand used in a wide range of industries and applications.

If you want to know more about facial recognition technology, analytics for enhanced surveillance and business decision making or other features available to you and your clients, come in and visit us for a demo or to discuss your needs. Alternatively, we can come out to you.

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