Geovision – GV-RU9003 UHF RFID Reader – designed for vehicle fleets with a strong need for levels of security access Leave a comment

GV-RU9003 UHF RFID Reader – If you have large fleets access control can be a nightmare if not managed correctly. If not managed correctly your access point becomes your vulnerable point and can lead to theft and/or logistics getting mixed up. A system that enables a company to capture fleet data and gate security access requirements in a single device can combat your issues.

One of the leading solutions is the Geovision – GV-RU9003 UHF RFID Reader. It is designed to integrate with the AS manager solution for parking lot management. The Geovision – GV-RU9003 can read an RFID tag within 10 m (32.8 ft). The security tag is unique to every vehicle and automates access at specific times.

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Product Features

  • Built-in antenna and RF module
  • Effective identification with the specially designed antenna pattern
  • Compatible with an access controller using Wiegand 64 interface

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The Geovision All-In-One Parking Solution
The Geovision UIF reader and AS Manager provides remote access and monitoring to live and recorded video and access control logs for the owner or operator. Give Eurobyte Technology a call for more information.

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