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Surveillance for the Modern Vehicle Fleet
9th May 2018
Mobile Surveillance – Security on wheels
15th May 2018

If you need a system that handles centralised management, monitoring and dispatching for all types of vehicles, there are none better than the Howen CMS V6 software platform. The software platform works on a wireless network designed for centralised management, monitoring and dispatching for all types of vehicles. It is compatible with MDVRs which are installed in the vehicle providing wireless remote real-time video surveillance, GPS positioning maps, vehicle history running track playback, voice intercom, alarm linkage and warning.

What makes the software unique is its ability to remotely record videos, download the video playback and auto-uploading/backup, which enables you to manage the driver behaviour and prevent unnecessary incidents. Find out more about the Howen CMS V6 software platform in this week’s article.

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Howen CMS V6 platform is suitable for just about all types of vehicles. Howen CMS can manage up to 2,000 sets of vehicles on one server.

Product Features

  • 3G/LTE/WIFI network live view
  • Shows the vehicle, GPS, alarm, log information clearly
  • PTZ control and MDVR remote configuration

The Howen brand offers high quality, dependable products. Its focus is on VSS (Vehicle Security System) solutions. Contact Eurobyte Technology for your perfect solution.

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CMS Client V6 Overview
Watch this CMS V6 client demo video to get an understating of how to operate the system.

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