Increase the capacity and speed of your network

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Increase the capacity and speed of your network

This week, we continue our discussion on the successful deployment of your Fibre Network Installation project. We touch on an aggregation layer switch for large networks, the XGS3-24242 from Planet. The Stackable Managed Switch supports IP Stacking technology that helps to manage and configure up to 24 units via one IP address.

The XGS3-24242 is also an excellent choice as a core layer switch for enterprises, data centres or even smaller networks
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Product Features

  • Physical Port
  • IP Stacking
  • Hardware Stacking

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The PLANET Stackable Managed Switch – XGS3-24242 is suitable for campus networks, metropolitan IP networks and other large infrastructure projects. Keen to know more about this product? Feel free to contact us.

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Fibre optic cables: How they work
Explained in this video is a basic understanding of how fibre optic cables work. Give us a call or visit our website for more information

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