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IQ RAK Environmental Server Cabinet

Network administrators do not always have the luxury of working in a managed server environment. There is a growing demand for the rapid deployment of server environments that can – to an extent – self-manage and have the IQ to notify you should human intervention be required. The traditional solution is to build a mini datacentre with all the intelligence. Not anymore! Introducing the IQ RAK Environmental Server Cabinet.

IQ RAK Environmental Server Cabinet

The IQ RAK is the most cost-effective server cabinet option for rapid deployment of a self-contained server environment. This self-contained unit comes with all the critical features of a traditional server environment at a fraction of the cost. It is not always practical to build a data centre, but you do need all of its environmental monitoring abilities.

The IQ RAK Environmental Server Cabinet available from Eurobyte Technology is one of the most advanced servers in the range and includes optional extras such as programmable alerts sent via email or SMS to the respective authorities. Say goodbye to the blame game.

Some of the IQ RAK features include biometric access control for added layers of data protection. You can monitor who accessed the systems, at what time and for how long. For an added layer of protection, IP Cameras can be integrated into the system.

The system monitors the environment via “dry-contact” devices, including motion sensors, door sensors,
vibration sensors and smoke detectors. In the event of a power outage, the biometric system has an inbuilt backup UPS system that will kick in, so you are never locked out.

  • Remote power management
  • SNMP notification via SMS
  • SNMP notification via Email

Product Features

  • Front door glass round
  • Rear door
  • Side panels
  • Uprights
  • Depth Reducers
  • Biometric fingerprint and keypad access control +PSU
  • Mags
  • LED lights + switch (Blue and White)
  • Feet + Casters
  • Slack Rack 42U/47U 400mm x 1200mm
  • Rear Door Slack + Lock

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Today’s modern IT server room environment is rapidly expanding, and the need for heightened access control doesn’t only make business sense, it’s also becoming a legal requirement. Data protection goes beyond the cloud; it starts in the server room. Our solution to improving server room data protection is the IQ RAK Environmental Server Cabinet.

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