Meet the Unicorn Solution, Uniview’s Smart Surveillance VMS Security System

Unicorn Solution, Uniview’s Smart Surveillance VMS Security System

Meet the Unicorn Solution, Uniview’s Smart Surveillance VMS Security System

Managing multiple NVRs, Hybrid systems, IP cameras and alarms has never been easier thanks to Uniview’s (UNV) Unicorn Smart Surveillance VMS Security System.

The Unicorn is widely known for its ability to manage a massive 2 000 cameras and/or 1 000 devices. Yet the reality is that you are able to stack as many as eight additional slaves, whether Unicorns or IPSANs, making this a truly flexible and scalable system for Enterprise, estate, compound or industrial requirements.

The Unicorn system has been implemented across Southern Africa, from Durban and the Mozambican border to the Kyalami Race Track in Johannesburg. Here it is used to monitor vehicles at high speeds so race controllers and medics can access information as quickly as possible.

UNV smart surveillance VMS security system

UNV smart surveillance VMS security system

Star features of the UNV smart surveillance VMS security system

1. Free firmware updates

The latest free firmware version update gave existing Unicorn owners access to management of facial recognition (FR) and licence plate recognition (LPR) cameras and NVRs. This centralises the control room’s ability to alert personnel if black-listed vehicles or people enter a location managed by Uniview systems.

This feature is available to systems with connected UNV LPR and FR cameras or NVRs.

2. No licence costs

Unlike its competitors, UNV does not charge any licence fees for cameras under management, whether they are third-party using ONVIF or UNV cameras.

3. Superior compression and storage

The Unicorn features Ultra 265 deep compression technology, reducing storage costs up to 75%. It is also expandable to 48 HDDs with 672TB storage. One of the latest RAID systems was introduced to the system to ensure data integrity and it supports most RAID modes.

Uniview’s Nebula centralised IPSAN storage range can be added to accommodate up to 7PB of storage.

4. Superior deep learning management alerts

The Unicorn can deliver up to 100 live facial recognition and licence plate recognition alerts per second. It also features access control, intrusion and people counting.

Other UNV-UNICORN features:

  • Support for 64 mobile clients (iOS & Android) access
  • Support for 300 Controllers
  • Unified management of NVR, IPC, decoder, network keyboard and cloud devices
  • 16 SATA HDD, up to 14TB each HDD standard, prior to expansions*
  • 16 × 1080P decoding outputs in three screens, with additional decoders available for expansion
  • Support for live view, playback, sequence, video wall, E-map, two-way audio and alarm plan
  • Support of network fault tolerance, multi-IP configuration and load balancing

Why should South African businesses buy the system?

Simplicity is the largest factor, says Roberto Vizcarra, who is responsible for surveillance solutions at Eurobyte, a distributor of the UNV UNICORN. The statement rings true when you consider the complex technical requirements of the advanced software of many control rooms in South Africa. Almost all of these systems require highly skilled workers to operate effectively.

Uniview solves this problem with software that is designed in two separate parts: configuration software B/S and client software C/S. The client software makes the Unicorn easier to use than many other VMS servers by enabling operators to complete essential tasks without jeopardising the integrity of the security of the system.

Learn how to use the Uniview Unicorn

Eurobyte is a distributor of Uniview solutions, including the Uniview Unicorn Smart Surveillance VMS Security System.

Reach out to Vizcarra’s team to learn more about the system’s features by contacting us.

You can also see the VMS server in action at the Eurobyte demo room in Johannesburg.

Eurobyte offers full training and certification, known as EB UNV VMS training, for this product. The Eurobyte Technical Support team is also available to assist with configuration to ensure the best experience for users.

Not a registered Eurobyte reseller yet? Get easy access to pricing and stock availability when you register as a Eurobyte dealer.

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