Mobile Surveillance – Security on wheels

Man with a gun in a car and a caption about security on wheels

Mobile Surveillance – Security on wheels

Mobile Surveillance – The loss of vehicles and goods, not to mention the risk to the drivers, is a massive concern for freight companies. The good news is that there are solutions for fleet managers. The ability to record from your vehicle is a proven massive deterrent for theft and misdemeanours.

We recommended one of the best mobile devices for mobile surveillance, the Howen Hero-MD31 series. This device is suitable for installation in various types of vehicles from private cars, buses and taxis to large vehicles such as cranes, coaches and trucks.

The Howen Hero-MD31 series has a high definition mobile surveillance systems. It also has an amazing anti-shock absorbing mechanism, solid-state drive and aviation plugs which allow your vehicle to be driven on any terrain without affecting any recordings.

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Product Features

  • 4x1080P, 4x720P, 4xD1 and 4 mixed-resolution recording, with 15 seconds pre-recording function
  • Start trigger recording, timer trigger recording, motion trigger recording, G-force trigger recording, over-speeding trigger recording, 8-channel customised alarm input trigger recording, remote control trigger recording
  • 3G/4G/WIFI/GPS tracking technology, platform-side CMS server, IOS, Android and Windows Client network client, can achieve real remotely monitoring

With so many products and features, making the right vehicle surveillance decision to suit your needs can be difficult and at times an overwhelming process. At Eurobyte Technology we will help you make the right decision.

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In this video, the Howen 4CH DVR is introduced and its features explained.


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