The Mobile Vehicle Management surveillance system with fuel siphon detection and much more. Leave a comment

This week we introduce you to our Vehicle Management System. The vehicle management industry like many other industries suffers when there are lax surveillance protocols in place to protect drivers and assets. A typical example we regularly hear about is the siphoning of fuel. Other risks that go unmitigated are driver fatigue, drivers going off course and so on. All these incidents cost the company which affects the bottom line. Where there is technology that offer a solution, it is generally prohibitively expensive. We are excited to introduce an impressive Mobile DVR that very cleverly deals with the above and much more and is very competitively priced.

The Vehicle Management System from Eurobyte comes with a host of features outlined below to combat the above-mentioned problems and more. Some of the features include fuel display in real time and a fuel report for logistics planning and the prevention of siphoning.
Some other features include:

  • Mobile CCTV – remote live view
    Live GPS tracking
    Geo Fencing
    Speed analysis (speed limit alerts)
    Fuel siphon detection
    G force Sensor alarm
    Alarm button alert/stream
    Door sensor alert/stream
    Fatigue sensor option (Driver specific)

Added to the above is a host of analytics features designed to deal with the problems faced by fleet managers.

Please contact our surveillance team on 011 234 0142 (JHB) 021 5512804 (CT) or email us at to schedule a visit and demo of this excellent solution.

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