Networking Distributors in Botswana are accelerating growth

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Networking Distributors in Botswana are accelerating growth

This week we share opportunities available to Networking Distributors in Botswana.

In our last issue, we touched on steps SADC has put in place to help countries source the best and most cost-effective range of networking and ICT infrastructure building products, tools and brands. We showed how Zambia and South Africa have increased their trade in Electrical and Electronic equipment over the years to take full advantage of the 4th Industrial Revolution opportunities.

Dr Stergomena Lawrence Tax, SADC Executive Secretary, discussing the importance of Regional integration for infrastructure development of the SADC region

This week we look at the role of networking distributors, networking companies, networking suppliers and networking installers in Botswana and the acceleration of infrastructure development projects such as those driven by Global Entrepreneurship Network Botswana (GEN).

The vision behind Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) and Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Botswana is one of the world’s great development success stories. Botswana was one of Africa’s poorest countries in the sixties and has made its way up the rankings to enter the top 100 wealthiest country’s in the world according to The World Bank. According to The World Bank, Botswana has transformed itself, moving into the ranks of upper-middle-income status to become one of the fastest growing economies in the world, with an average annual growth rate of about 9 percent.

Global Entrepreneurship Network Botswana, (GEN) under the leadership of Mooketsi Benedict Tekere is part of the next generation of development projects for the country. The goal of GEN is to connect Botswana’s entrepreneurship ecosystem to Africa’s growing scene of tech hubs.

Richard Branson
Richard Branson at the opening of the first Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) Startup Campus in Africa

Steps taken by GEN Botswana include collaboration with organisations such as Africa Business Angels Network (ABAN), The World Bank Group, Tony Elumelu Foundation, Smart Africa, Global Entrepreneurship Network Rwanda, TEF Hub Rwanda, UNCTAD and Global Entrepreneurship Network Mauritius, Empretec Mauritius and Startup Ecosystem Developers.

Smart Africa

How networking companies in Botswana can accelerate the vision of leading global entrepreneurs?

Leading entrepreneurs, governments and investment organisations from around the world have been at the forefront of funding, networking infrastructure projects that are putting Africa in a position to leapfrog into the 21st century’s digital and high-tech economy. GEN Botswana is using its influence to develop tech hubs across Botswana from Gaborone to Francis Town, Maun and other towns. The SADC free trade zone support structures have made it cheaper and more accessible than ever to buy networking equipment and networking distributors are taking advantage of the opportunity.

Networking distributors and networking companies tapping into the regional resources and expertise are rapidly and efficiently rolling out their projects. Companies such as Eurobyte Technology in South Africa have positioned themselves to make available all the necessary resources and documentation to utilise the free trade zone opportunities. A growing number of networking distributors and networking companies in Botswana are buying from Eurobyte. A key driver behind Eurobyte as a supplier of choice is their strong level of support and technical advice for networking installers in Botswana. Whether it’s local area networks, fibre networks, data centres, CCTV infrastructure or remote networking, Eurobyte’s team of experienced professionals help Botswana’s networking installers and project managers find the best possible solution.

networking installers

The list of items for networking infrastructure projects exported to Botswana from South Africa include network cabling, fibre products, consoles, networking routers, switches, converters, server cabinets, laptop and mobile device trolleys, power backup systems, Inverters, UPSs and more.

Why networking distributors in Botswana buy from South Africa

The SADC free trade zone facilitates favourable trade relations between Botswana and South Africa. The number of networking distributors and networking suppliers in Botswana, taking advantage of this opportunity to support their networking companies and networking installers is growing rapidly for several reasons. First, duties placed on products from other parts of the world make them expensive to import. Networking distributors in Botswana that buy within SADC do not have to worry about duties. Second, Eurobyte Technology has manufacturing facilities in Midrand, South Africa for several products in their range including server cabinets, laptop trolley’s, tablet trolley’s battery boxes, outdoor server cabinets, environmental server cabinets and more.


Business owners in the ICT and Networking field see tremendous business opportunities and are sourcing and buying networking products from companies such as Eurobyte Technology in South Africa.

Server Cabinet  Charging Trolley

How to buy networking products in Botswana from Eurobyte Technology

To buy networking products for Botswana from Eurobyte Technology, you must register as a dealer. This is a relatively straightforward process. Once registered as a dealer, login to the online store and place your order. You can also call or email your dedicated salesperson to place an order. Once you place your order and make the payment, the shipment is dispatched. If you are in South Africa, we invite you to visit us at our branches in Sandton, Tshwane or Cape Town.

The delivery timeline for networking products into Botswana

We highly recommend working with a delivery company who will handle all your shipping requirements, trade certificates and bills of lading. Should we be asked to ship, we will use a courier, but charge for added processing costs, so it makes sense to save on your expenses by assigning your preferred courier company. As soon as payment reflects for your goods, your courier can pick up and ship the packages to you in record time. Should you choose to handle the delivery, we will assist with clearing instruments etc.

Opportunities created by networking companies in Botswana

If you are a networking company in Botswana, you are in the driver’s seat of innovation for the continent. Eurobyte Technology ensures you get the benefit of great pricing, a wide range of networking products, high-quality products, speedy delivery and a professional support team to make your projects a success keep your contribution to Africa’s 4th Industrial Revolution on track. Connecting to South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania, Namibia, Congo, Mozambique and all the SADC countries mean a stronger trade zone and more opportunities for economies of scale and regional growth. It all begins with you, the networking professionals.

Talk to Eurobyte Technology. We can help you put the best solutions together.

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