New Aetek outdoor PoE switch offers super-fast installation

Comparison between traditional and All-in-one Power over Ethernet managed switch solutions

New Aetek outdoor PoE switch offers super-fast installation

Aetek s latest fully assembled outdoor power over ethernet switches, launched in South Africa this year, can be installed in as little as 30 minutes. That’s up to 75% faster than most traditional, unassembled switches.

This feat is made possible by the fact that the Taiwanese technology manufacturer’s H21 H40, H42 and H80 PoE models are all-in-one plug and play units that come pre-assembled. This is great news for installers and customers, who now no longer have to order separate parts and assemble them into an outdoor enclosure box.

Available from Eurobyte Technology (Eurobyte), the range is made up of 12 differently priced product models, which means networking equipment resellers can offer a solution for every budget.

The assembled switches are generally more cost-effective than non-assembled switches because there’s no need to cost each part of the switch separately.

Discover an all-in-one power over ethernet switch

Aetek’s latest outdoor range is designed for applications where networking equipment has to withstand harsh weather conditions while looking aesthetically pleasing.  

The H21, H40, H42 and H80 models come with an IP67/IK10 rating, enabling connection with IP cameras and wireless access points in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 65°C. Featuring impact-rated cast aluminium housing, the products in the collection look compact and streamlined. This makes them ideal PoE switch solutions for sites where appearances matter, such as hotels, golf estates, office parks, complexes, universities and schools.

The new range is compact, can withstand harsh weather conditions and looks aesthetically pleasing.

To protect equipment from voltage spikes, the models offer between 6KV and 12KV PoE surge protection and 10KV to 40KV AC power surge protection. Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, L2 Plus Gigabit Ethernet and Adjustable 24V/56VDC options are all available in the range, which supports up to 1 000Mbps data rates, depending on the model.

Access a cost-effective outdoor PoE solution

One of the real benefits of these products is offering customers this easy-to-install solution at a price that suits their pocket. These assembled power over ethernet switches are generally more cost-effective than their traditional non-assembled counterparts because there’s no need to cost each part of the switch separately.

With 12 models in the collection, there’s also a switch for every application.

Various Eurobyte dealers and their customers have started using this outdoor innovation. Feedback is that the product is brilliant in terms of cost, ease of installation and aesthetics.

Get CCTV equipment sorted with Eurobyte

These Aetek products are ideal for use with surveillance equipment that has been designed to perform in bad weather, such as Uniview’s Starlight Laser IR Network PTZ Dome and 1080P Zoom Lens IR PTZ CCTV cameras.

Uniview’s 2MP dome camera has a special structure and window design to keep moisture and dust out. It also features starlight illumination, a 33x optical zoom, 500m-distance laser and intelligent temperature control technology. The 1080P zoom lens IR camera has an IP66 rating and -35°C to 60°C temperature range to withstand all weather conditions. With its optical lens, auto-focus, DWDR and built-in bracket, it installs quickly and easily monitors any outdoor area.

Check out the pricing of these models and other products, and order your Aetek PoE switch from Eurobyte by login in here.

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