Our Check and Swop Policy a much needed solution for the CCTV industry

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Our Check and Swop Policy a much needed solution for the CCTV industry

Important notice
Please note we will be closing on the 22nd December and re-opening on the 4th of January 2018. Please ensure all your orders are placed in advance to avoid disappointment.

When it comes to the management of your CCTV surveillance infrastructure, there is nothing more frustrating than long delays when getting your CCTV camera, NVR or DVR warranties fulfilled. All too often it takes weeks, even months to get your faulty or defective product swopped out or replaced. There are several problems this slow turnaround raises for faulty products.

Your CCTV Surveillance System is left in the Dark

First, at the top of the list is blind spots in your security and surveillance infrastructure while you wait. These surveillance holes are massive vulnerabilities that can be taken advantage of leaving you exposed.

The second problem is the cost of the installation, repair time gaps. What do we mean by this? It is the time between the inspection of the CCTV camera, NVR or DVR and the replacement or repair of the defective unit. Whether or not the installation team is working your bills keep running, but the client is not necessarily paying until the job is complete. This eats into your cash flow and stacks your bill up unnecessarily.

Finally, there is the strain on your relationship. The client doesn’t care that a warranty is taking time to fulfil. All they want is a working system. This leaves you in the middle of a strained relationship on both sides. The worst case scenario is potentially losing a stream of income because of something well beyond your control.

You could probably add to the list of problems if you have had the unfortunate experience of waiting for warranties or repairs that take what seems like forever.

The Eurobyte Technology Solution – Check and swap policy for the Uniview CCTV Product Range

We at Eurobyte Technology have recognised this problem and the strain it puts on your business. To solve the problem, we negotiated a policy and passed the benefits on to you. Our Uniview range of products come with a Check and Swop Policy. We do not spend days or even weeks checking and preparing your swop out. As soon as you bring it in out experienced team of technicians do all the necessary testing and your solution is immediately made available to you. There and then, no long waiting anymore.

Happy Client – Happy Installer and CCTV Security Provider

The clients that have bought the Unview CCTV product range and had to use the policy have all expressed appreciation and seen better relationships with us and their clients. We deliver on our warranty promises. In addition, it is our business ethos to go the extra mile so that we maintain our promise of – An Excellent After Sale Service Experience. Coupled with our promise is the fact that Uniview products are excellent and generally have a very low fault rate.

Unview have supported our check and swap policy and we have received positive feedback thus far from all our clients.

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More reasons why you should buy from us

Below are two more key benefits we pass onto you, our customers.

  1. Eurobyte offers a 3-year full warranty on all Uniview items
  2. Eurobyte and Uniview are committed to speedy turn around for all your warranty requirements and this promise is fulfilled through our check and exchange/credit warranty service, no more long waiting.

Once you have met all the usual basic requirements that void any warranty such as lightning, physical tampering, and damage we commit to getting you back up and running within the day. For the prevention of warranty voiding experiences, we also offer preventative measures such as solid, robust camera housing enclosures with high POE thresholds to help prevent surges. As an extra layer we also recommend surge protection on all installations. Speak to our very experienced technical consultants for the best possible configuration.

At Eurobyte Technology, customer service is of the utmost importance to us. Please call us so we can take care of your needs, before and after we do business with you.

Please contact our surveillance team on 011 234 0142 (JHB) 021 5512804 (CT) or email us at sales@eurobyte.co.za for more information. You can also visit our website for the full range of products.

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