Cattex 16 Port USB/PS2 KVM Rack Mountable VGA KVM Console – Networking

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The CX-1716 Switches are control units that allow access and control of up to 16 computers from a single USB / PS/2 keyboard, USB / PS/2 mouse, and monitor console. There are two convenient methods to access any computer connected to the installation: (1) using the push button port selection switches located on each units front panel; (2) selecting from menus provided by the On Screen Display (OSD). Setup is fast and easy: simply plug cables into their appropriate ports. There is no software to configure, and no compatibility problems. It works on multiple operating platform (PC compatible, Sun, etc.). The cx-1716: (1) eliminates the expense of having to purchase a separate keyboard, monitor, and mouse for each computer; (2) saves all the space those extra components would take up; (3) saves on energy costs; (4) eliminates the inconvenience and wasted effort involved in constantly moving from one computer to another.
  • One console controls 16 computers
  • Be compatible with USB / PS/2 keyboard and mouse in console and PS/2, USB keyboard and mouse in computer.
  • Computer selection via front panel switches and OSD
  • LEDs display for easy status monitoring
  • Auto Scan Mode for monitoring all computers
  • Superior video quality
  • Easy installation no software required
  • Hot pluggable add or remove computers for maintenance without powering down the switch
  • Support Windows, Solaris etc
Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 15 × 20 × 15 cm
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