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Geovision LPR Solution 1 Lane Software And USB Dongle – CCTV Dongle

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GeoVision’s License Plate Recognition 1 lane is an effective and low-maintenance solution to ensure the security of parking lots, which are prone to crimes due to isolated and unstaffed corners.

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The GV-LPR solution is an effective video security and parking monitoring solution that can enforce parking lot security. Many parking lots security are rated high risk due to their poor response to crimes and the common nature of parking lot incidents. Isolated corners or levels of a large lot make it difficult for security officers to patrol and monitor. To provide security and assurance to customers and employees, parking lots need high efficiency digital surveillance systems that provide live monitoring and continuous recording to enhance lots security and surveillance efficiency.

The GV-LPR system provides high-resolution video monitoring and recording at good quality. When emergency intercoms are activated or panic buttons pushed, the parking attendants can judge the situation from the live view and respond correctly. The GV-LPR is a reliable security surveillance system that is high on recording performance and low on maintenance.

GV-LPR activates recognition process in two ways. One is by software video motion detection, which detects vehicles passing through the camera and illuminator zone. Second is by I/O activation, which the action triggers recognition and recording on I/O activation. The system supports two view modes including Camera Overview and Picture-in-Picture with ease of monitoring.


High recognition rate: 99% (at best performance)

High recognition speed: < 0.2 second

Support up to 8 I/O Trigger or 8 Motion Detection lanes

Support Hardware Watchdog

Support image up to 720 x 480 (NTSC) / 720 x 576 (PAL) providing higher accuracy

Integrate with GV-series DVR to retrieve video footage by license plate number

Vehicle counter feature tracks number of vehicles remaining in the parking lot by counting vehicles entering and exiting the gate

Camera overview brings focuses on either the vehicle or the driver

License plate recognition database are processed and stored in Microsoft Access Database for easy and multiple applications

Multiple recognition technology is applied until a recognition result is reached

Alarm will be triggered when an unauthorized or unrecognizable vehicle is spotted

Picture-in-Picture window provides camera overview and the last recognized image

Video or AVI file is used as recognition input source

Digital watermark technology is applied to verify authenticity of video clips

Text overlay displays license plate numbers on recorded video image

Activate recognition by sensor triggers, video motion detection or Hot Key

Recognition result triggers I/O Relay or user-defined application

Recognize and display license plate image registered in database

Retrievable vehicle entry and exit records by license plate number

JPEG format support allows approximately 2 million JPEG images to be saved in a 160 GB HDD

Auto recycle for image storage and database backup

11 languages supported: English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian , Polish, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish


Number of Lanes: 1

Total FPS: 30 FPS

FPS / Camera: 30 FPS

CPU: Core2 Duo E6300 / 1.86 GHz

OS Supported: 32-bit: Windows XP / 7 / Server 2008
64-bit: Windows 7 / Server 2008
HDD: 250 GB


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