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EPS 2000VA Line Interactive Rackmount UPS – Power Backup

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EPS UPS – uninterruptible power supply, we provide a comprehensive range of systems from small stand-alone units, to large rackmount systems

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UPS Overview

The EPS Rack Mount UPS protects your data by supplying reliable power, in rack-optimized form factors for space constrained business critical applications. This UPS is the perfect UPS for protecting business critical fileservers (Intel or UNIX based), minicomputers, network switches and hubs, point of sale, retail/bank back office and ATM’s. Rack mount versions are the choice for rack optimized servers, server appliances, blade servers, other blade devices and rack-mounted network switches and hubs.

Personal Computers

Workstations and Networks

Telecommunication Systems

Bank Automation Systems

Security Systems

Transport Systems


Battery Voltage 24VDC

Recharge Time 8 Hours to 90% Charged

Input Voltage 110Vac or 220Vac25

Output wave from Pseudo sine wave (P.W.M.)

Protection Output short circuit-overload protection with current limit

Transfer Time 2ms

Weight20 kg
Dimensions40 × 55 × 40 cm