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Electromagnetic interference (EMI) from surrounding cables and equipment can diminish the quality of your network. Your cable choice plays a big role in reducing EMI. However, there are different environments that require different types of cables.

STP Cables

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Some environments are more suited to STP cables which have additional shielding material to cancel any external interference that may be introduced at any point in the path of the cable. Using STP cables ensure that you get the maximum bandwidth from your cabling even if the external condition is less than ideal.

  • STP/FTP is similar to UTP but with each pair covered by an additional copper braid jacket or foil wrapping and can also be wrapped around 4 pairs. This shielding helps protect the signals on the cables from external interference
  • STP/FTP is able to support higher transmission rates over longer distances
  • STP/FTP is used in IBM token ring networks

UTP Cables

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  • Electrical noise going into or coming from the cable can be prevented
  • Crosstalk is minimized
  • Easy to handle and install

FTP Cables

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This cable is very much like UTP cables, with the addition of foil underneath the main cable jacket. Another common name for this cable is FTP. F/UTP or U/FTP cables are common in 10GBaseT applications. An overall foil shield (F) with unscreened(unshielded) twisted pairs (UTP) or unshielded (U) With Foiled Twisted pair(FTP).

  • Used in wiring systems in buildings or other environments where heavy noise adjacent to the wire might cause interference
  • FTP requires more grounding

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