Surveillance for the Modern Vehicle Fleet

Surveillance for the Modern Vehicle Fleet

Surveillance Modern Vehicle Fleet

Freight vehicles are constantly at risk of being hijacked. Last year, Former Police Minister Fikile Mbalula as part of the annual national crime statistics reported that in Johannesburg alone a total of 16 717 cars were stolen between April 2016 and March 2017, showing a 14.5% increase hijacking. Hijackings have cost the South African economy nearly R3 billion over the past few years. It’s not enough for fleet managers and drivers to be continuously alert at all times.

With truck high jacking statistics on the rise, telematic fleet systems have become vital for all freight companies. In this series, we focus on surveillance for the modern vehicle fleet. We give an in-depth review and recommendation of the best fleet surveillance security solutions that include Howen Client Management Software, Howen 4 Channel AHD 1080P MDVR 1V/A Out, AS Manager Software, Geovision GV-RU9003 UHF RFID Reader and the Uniview HLC feature.

Howen Client Management Software + NVR8

Surveillance Modern Vehicle Fleet – Effective fleet telematics

Criminals have become experts in using signal jammers, diversion, intrusion tactics and trusted employees to reach the truck’s assets. This trend has seen fleet transport operators looking for ways to improve the safety of their fleet on the road. Having a robust software solution to manage recording, playback, driver behaviour is key. One of the solutions that comes highly recommended to combat such issues is the Howen Client management software (Howen CMS V6).

The Howen Surveillance Modern Vehicle Fleet CMS V6 platform is based on a wireless network designed for centralised management, monitoring and dispatching for all types of vehicles. This software is compatible with the MDVR that is installed in a vehicle which provides wireless remote real-time video surveillance, GPS positioning maps, vehicle history running track playback, voice intercom, alarm linkage and warning.

What makes the software unique is its ability to remotely record videos, download the video playback and auto-uploading/backup, which enables you to manage the driver behaviour and prevent unnecessary incidents. It also has amazing GPS positioning, vehicle scheduling, vehicle area management systems. This ground-breaking software generates reports on the vehicle such as speed, fuel usage etc. and can even send text messages.

Howen CMS V6 platform is suitable for just about all types of vehicles. Howen CMS can manage up to 2,000 sets of vehicles on one server and we recommend the NVR8.

Product Features

  • 3G/LTE/WIFI network live view
  • Shows the vehicle, GPS, alarm, log information clearly
  • PTZ control and MDVR remote configuration
  • Remote record
  • Supports download and playback video file
  • Vehicle management
  • Database supported and GPS route playback
  • Supports to export the report
  • Different user level management
  • Driver behaviour analysis
  • Alarm management and evidence reporting

The Howen brand offers high quality, dependable products. Its focus is on VSS (Vehicle Security System) solutions. Contact Eurobyte Technology for your perfect solution.

Click to watch the video
CMS Client V6 Overview
Watch this CMS V6 client demo video to get an understating of how to operate the system.

Howen 4 Channel AHD 1080P MDVR (Hero-MD31 series)

Surveillance Modern Vehicle Fleet – Security on wheels

The loss of vehicles and goods, not to mention the risk to the drivers, is a massive concern for freight companies. The good news is that there are solutions for fleet managers. Surveillance Modern Vehicle Fleet. The ability to record from your vehicle is a proven massive deterrent for theft and misdemeanours. We recommended one of the best mobile devices for vehicle surveillance, the Howen Hero-MD31 series.
This device is suitable for installation in various types of vehicles from private cars, buses and taxis to large vehicles such as cranes, coaches and trucks. The reason why we highly recommend this device is its high definition surveillance systems. It also has an amazing anti-shock absorbing mechanism, solid-state drive and aviation plugs which allow your vehicle to be driven on any terrain without affecting any recordings.

It supports up to four cameras, either AHD or standard definition with accessories such as audio functionality. This device is fully controllable via the ‘mobile check’ App available for Android or iOS devices.

Product Features

  • Support 4 channel AHD 1080P input and HD HDMI 1080P output (4ch or 8ch optional)
  • 4x1080P, 4x720P, 4xD1 and 4 mixed-resolution recording, with 15 seconds pre-recording function
  • Start trigger recording, timer trigger recording, motion trigger recording, G-force trigger recording, over-speeding trigger recording, 8-channel customised alarm input trigger recording, remote control trigger recording
  • 3G/4G/WIFI/GPS tracking technology, platform-side CMS server, IOS, Android and Windows Client network client, can achieve real remotely monitoring
  • WIFI support STATION and AP mode; AP mode can support that mobile directly connect to devices, and is easy for preview and configuration at the mobile terminal
  • Alarm recording, alarm information, log information, GPS trajectory, real-time videos and pictures remotely automatic uploading, remotely intelligent data analysis and management
  • Various storage types: SD card * 4(max 128GB) can be all supported
  • Support dual stream, sub-stream backup and network transmission
  • Supports G sensor acceleration sensor, PS
  • Support touch-screen and infrared remote control
  • Well protected by Super-capacitor
  • Shockproof: MIL-STD 810G
  • Waterproof hard disk box

With so many products and features, making the right vehicle surveillance decision to suit your needs can be difficult and at times an overwhelming process. At Eurobyte Technology we will help you make the right decision.

Click to watch the video
In this video, the Howen 4CH DVR is introduced and its features explained.

Geovision – AS Manager Software + NVR8

Surveillance Modern Vehicle Fleet – Risk management

With ever rising insurance costs, more and more companies are searching for ways to cut their losses and reduce their risk. The software we recommend to help you manage your drivers and assets is the Geovision – AS Manager.

The Geovision – AS Manager is software for network access control. GV-AS Manager can control up to 1000 GV-AS / GV-EV Controller units. IP devices can be connected to GV-AS Manager through a network to provide live video and event associated playback. Some of the features that make this exceptional software includes an access-controlled database, detailing a full employee and visitor profile, i.e. employee facial recognition, biometrics, vehicle licence plate UIH reader link, manage visitors, employees, vehicles etc.

Additional features include:

Product Features

  • Integrating video from Geovision IP devices (GV-System, GV-VMS, GV-Video Server, GV-Compact DVR, GV-IP Camera), third-party IP cameras and ONVIF, PSIA and RTSP protocols
  • Four access mode options: Card only mode, Card and PIN Code mode, Card or Common mode, Release mode
  • Alarm condition: door held open, door forced entry, tamper, access denied, duress, fire alarm
  • Up to 256-time zones, weekly schedules and holiday planning for 14 months
  • Anti-Duress operation / Anti-Pass back capabilities / Door Interlock
  • Patrol Tour that requires security personnel to check in at the specified location
  • Up to 100 Web browser connections
  • Up to 100,000 cards for GV-AS 21 / 41 / 81 series Controllers
  • GV-AS Remote: Client software for remote door monitoring, video playback, stop alarms and force the door to lock/unlock
  • GV-AS Web: Web-based software to remotely watch live view, add/delete cards, users, controllers, access groups, cameras
  • GV-TA Web: Time and attendance management software for flexible workforce schedule arrangement and Payroll calculation
  • GV-VM Web: Visitor management software for visitor self-registration and visitor record search
  • GV-Access Mobile Applications: iOS and Android mobile device to remote lock / unlock a door and watch the live view from cameras associated with a door or lane

If you would like to see the Geovision – AS Manager software solution in action or find out more, contact our surveillance team.

Click to watch the video
Geovision Access Control Connecting GV AS400 to GV ASManager
Watch this step by step video on how to connect the GV-SA400 to GV-ASManager. Give us a call for more information the Geovision range.

Geovision – GV-RU9003 UHF RFID – Reader

Designed for vehicle fleets with a strong need for levels of security access.

If you have large fleets access control can be a nightmare if not managed correctly. If not managed correctly your access point becomes your vulnerable point and can lead to theft and /or logistics getting mixed up. A system that enables a company to capture fleet data and gate security access requirements in a single device can combat your issues. Surveillance Modern Vehicle Fleet

One of the leading solutions is the Geovision – GV-RU9003 UHF RFID Reader. It is designed to integrate with the AS manager solution for parking lot management. The Geovision – GV-RU9003 can read an RFID tag within 10 m (32.8 ft). The security tag is unique to every vehicle and automates access at specific times.

Product Features

  • Built-in antenna and RF module
  • Effective identification with the specially designed antenna pattern
  • Compatible with an access controller using Wiegand 64 interface
  • Ideal sensing range within 10 m (32.8 ft)
  • Special energy-saving design, reducing power consumption
  • Support for external sensors and controllers
  • Electronic tag compliant with EPC Gen II (ISO 18000-6C) standard
  • R&D patent for EMI reduction
  • NCC/FCC/CE certification

The RFID tag sits in your vehicle and is registered to your profile. The profile includes your RFID tag, photo, name, employment details, biometric fingerprint and in some cases face recognition. The reader or UIH reader GV-AS1520 will then know which gates/booms to allow automated access.

Click to watch the video
The Geovision All-In-One Parking Solution
The Geovision UIF reader and AS Manager provides remote access and monitoring to live and recorded video and access control logs for the owner or operator. This vehicle management system is a great addition to your freight services. Give Eurobyte Technology a call for more information.

Uniview High Light Compensation (HLC)

HLC the specialised feature in CCTV where light defies darkness

Headlights, spotlights, porch lights and other sources of bright light can blind the camera’s image, and it would be very difficult to identify any objects in the image.

Highlight Compensation (HLC) compensates for the overexposure of highlights or strong light sources. HLC senses the strong sources of light in the video and then compensates for the exposure to create an image that is usable and not overtaken by a bright light. HLC reduces glare and even gives you the ability to read license plates that would have otherwise been impossible.

The Uniview camera range incorporates the Highlight Compensation (HLC) feature in CCTV/IP security cameras to deal with overexposure. The HLC feature has tuning ability and provides good night monitoring effect.

To recognise vehicle plate numbers at night it reverses bright points in the picture to black. HLC function can also detect any spotlight diffused by an object or vehicle and compensate to obtain a clear image. As reflected in the name (HLC), this feature makes bright pixels grey near the light source which in turn provides clear and vivid images. This feature is useful for Video Analytics.

Click to watch the video
Uniview: HLC
In this video, we see live footage of the Uniview HLC feature. Eurobyte Technology supply a wide range of Uniview products that support the HLC feature. Contact us for more information.

Despite the advancements in CCTV/IP surveillance cameras, it’s still advised not to point the camera directly at strong light sources for a long period. When installing security cameras, users should adjust the pointing angle to avoid pointing directly at lights or other reflective bodies.


Having a complete  Surveillance Modern Vehicle Fleet management system with telematics and access control adds a powerful layer to your fleet. Eurobyte Technology offers a selection of vehicle management solutions to ensure the security of your assets. If you are looking for an increase in productivity, reduced labour costs, controlled fuel costs, increased fleet safety and security, reduced operating expenses and reduced unauthorised vehicle usage, give us a call.

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