Surveillance technology trends in South Africa in 2020

Face Recognition Access Control Terminal with Digital Detection Module

Surveillance technology trends in South Africa in 2020

Surveillance technology trends in 2020 are making security cameras, access control systems, and fever detection devices in South Africa more efficient than ever before.

According to Roberto Vizcarra from  Eurobyte Technology, advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have ushered in a new era of improvements in surveillance systems over the last two years.

Some of the most significant advances have however been made in 2020, partly because AI is reaching a new level of maturity, he says. COVID-19 and the need for more accurate temperature detection have also been a major driver of technological developments in surveillance.

Here Vizcarra highlights three significant, transformative trends that have hit South African shores in 2020:

1. Surveillance technology becomes better at human body detection

Deep learning, a branch of artificial intelligence, is enabling surveillance technology manufacturers to produce cameras that can more accurately detect human forms.

Without this functionality, surveillance cameras can’t adequately distinguish between the human forms and the forms of animals, insects, or shadows. The result is that surveillance systems often trigger false alarms, which can cause up to 90% of all alarms in some instances, notes Vizcarra.

“When insects, shadows, and small animals cause the majority of the triggers, you can imagine the frustration of users. Today this is changing with human body detection eliminating a significant portion of those false alarms.

Manufacturers such as Uniview are now embedding cost-effective human body detection analytics technology for intrusion alerts into their cameras, which can cut down significantly on false alarms “ a major benefit for the end-user.

Eurobyte is a distributor of Uniview products in South Africa.

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2. Surveillance tech is changing the face of South African access control in 2020

In 2020, more and more surveillance tech manufacturers are encroaching on the access control industry with facial recognition technology and bio readers.

For years, access control companies have been integrating cameras into their systems to authorize access and visually verify the proper use of the system. But now some of these traditional systems, such as card and thumbprint access systems, are being replaced by facial identification technology – a field in which surveillance technology manufacturers are heavily invested.

He notes that facial recognition reader demand in South Africa has skyrocketed over the past few months and top vendors surveillance vendors have already entered or are planning their entry into the access control field.


Uniview Digital Forehead Temp Measurement Terminal

Univie’s digital wrist temperature measurement terminal, distributed by Eurobyte, is an excellent example of the application of this technology in access control devices. Uniview’s OET-213H-BTM32 is a non-contact temperature detection device that can be used for access control.

It features two-way audio with an indoor monitor as well as video capture with its WDR, 2MP (1080P) low illumination wide-angle camera.

3. Fever detection technology becomes more accurate

“Temperature detection was made popular in Asia during the SARS and MERS outbreaks,explains Vizcarra. “COVID-19, being a global pandemic, has resulted in the massive expansion of its use.

He says that the sudden demand for these devices and their subsequent mass production has made these fever detection devices more affordable than before.

The most significant improvement, however, is in the robust investments made in advancing fever detection technology.

In line with these advancements, Uniview has launched a 4MP dual-spectrum thermal bullet network camera. The TIC2531 offers Ultra H.265 compression and starlight illumination for excellent surveillance.

On top of that, it supports human body temperature screening when used in conjunction with a black body. The camera is able to detect faces, supports mask and human body temperature attribute collection, and uses both an audio and light alarm.

It also sounds an alarm when a person who isn’t wearing a mask and showing an abnormal temperature is detected.

It can detect temperatures at up to 50m and offers a screening accuracy of °C in a working environment of 16°C to 32°C.

Explore the TIC2531 here.

Advances in surveillance technology such as these make the field an exciting one to watch.

Want to learn more about thermal temperature detection? Read our article on How to scan a crowd for fever? Infrared thermography technology is the answer

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