TP-Link Introduction to Our New Brand

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TP-Link Introduction to Our New Brand

When it comes to networking in the office and at home, there is one name that comes to mind for quality, security and ease of use – TP-Link. TP-Link is a world-renowned brand for reliable networking devices and accessories. The range of products consistently outperform other brands when it comes to stability, performance and value. So, why have we chosen this brand for our customers? Here’s why!

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We have chosen TP-Link for its level of attention to security. As an installer, networking specialist and industry professional, you understand the importance of security. However, the weakest point in the link is the unaware customer. TP-Link ensure they are protected from the onset. The popular encryption methods are relatively easy to setup and handover to customers. They include

  • WPA2
  • AES, PSK, TKIP – PSK (Pre-shared Key)


Another feature that puts TP-Link ahead of the pack is its level of compatibility. Some devices (especially older ones) may have a greatly reduced transfer speed when connected to an unsupported standard or otherwise refuse to work out right. Conversely, if you have a newer device that supports 802.11ac, you won’t get the benefits of the improved standard if your routers don’t support it too. This compatibility also extends to the encryption being used, as some devices do not support specific encryption types. Talk to our team about the technology in your network topology and we will advise you accordingly.

Frequency Bands

Products within the TP-Link range make available the 5GHz and 2.4GHZ frequency bands. While 5GHz doesn’t create as big a hotspot, it is a much larger band with much fewer devices and routers operating in it currently which usually means less noise/interference. For your newer devices that support the 5GHz frequency, we have some options for you to choose from.


Routers can be a somewhat unexpected cost for customers. TP-Link come in at a very competitive rate, so customers are not forced to jump at the cheapest option. In addition, TP-Link is strong when it comes to factors like warranty and support, build quality, etc.

TP-Link Product Features

TP-Link Wi-Fi Routers
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TP-Link Wi-Fi Routers
Watch this video to get a quick overview of the wireless range. The speeds on the latest devices are even faster. Visit our Shop for the models.

TP-Link has been the world’s number one provider of Wi-Fi products for several years. Give us a call to discuss your needs and we will help you find a solution that meets your requirements.

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