Uniview High Light Compensation (HLC)

A photo of a  man with a flashlight comparing High Light Compensation

Uniview High Light Compensation (HLC)

HLC – Headlights, spotlights, porch lights and other sources of bright light can blind the camera’s image, and it would be very difficult to identify any objects in the image.

Highlight Compensation compensates for the overexposure of highlights or strong light sources. The Uniview camera range incorporates the Highlight Compensation feature in CCTV/IP security cameras to deal with overexposure. The HLC feature has tuning ability and provides good night monitoring effect.

To recognise vehicle plate numbers at night it reverses bright points in the picture to black.

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Uniview: HLC
In this video, we see live footage of the Uniview Highlight Compensation feature. Eurobyte Technology supply a wide range of Uniview products that support the Highlight Compensation feature. Contact us for more information.

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