Uniview NVR3 series with face detection

Uniview NVR3 series with face detection

The Uniview NVR3 Series is that perfect recall memory tool to assist the modern private security guards. Security guards play an essential role in ensuring the safety of patrons and clients at work and home. Security guards get to know and recognise patrons, clients and regulars. However, remembering exact times to retrieve footage when incidents occurred is often a difficult task.

Uniview NVR3 Series

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This is where features such as face detection on the Uniview NVR3 Series have a distinct advantage. With the Uniview NVR3 Series, there is a non-contact process that allows CCTV cameras to capture faces without touching the person in question. The identification is non-invasive and simply stores facial images for easy reference later. . Searching by face has a lot of pros especially when cross checking with witnesses.

The Uniview NVR 3 Series is an excellent solution for multiple industries including residential estates, banks and more. There is so much more to the NVR 3 Series. Face detection is just one of many features that make the Uniview NVR 3 Series a great addition to your security systems. It allows you to search through the clips of people s faces linking you to the specific video feed involving that person. Face detection is available on all Uniview 3 series NVR’s. With this feature, you can support your team of private security guards and significantly mitigate your client’s risks.

Product Features

  • 4 / 8 / 16 / 32 or 64 channel camera inputs
  • Third-party IP cameras supported with ONVIF conformance
  • Support 1-ch HDMI, 1-ch VGA, HDMI at up to 4K (3840—2160) resolution

UNV Face Detection
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UNV Face Detection
In this short video, we show the Uniview Face Detection in action. Face recognition is available on all Uniview 3 series NVR’s.

If you want to know more about facial detection technology, analytics for enhanced surveillance and business decision making or other features available to you and your clients, come in and visit us for a demo or to discuss your needs. Alternatively, we can come out to you we have a solution, just for you.

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