UNIVIEW security cameras and NVRs How Surveillance Systems Distributors are protecting the South Africa, Mozambique

Raod view of a long suspension bridge in Africa

UNIVIEW security cameras and NVRs How Surveillance Systems Distributors are protecting the South Africa, Mozambique

Why UNIVIEW Security cameras and NVRs for the South Africa, Mozambique border control solution!

Border security is a complex field that depends on multiple parties for an effectively integrated border surveillance technology system. In this article, we showcase a few border control CCTV products used at the revamped South Africa, Mozambique border. The range is distributed by South African surveillance Systems distributor, Eurobyte Technology a surveillance systems distributor in South Africa and SADC. UNIVIEW security cameras and NVRs were used at the South Africa, Mozambique border. The surveillance equipment used included UNIVIEW Box Security Cameras, the UNIVIEW Unicorn VMS for the control room environment and the UNIVIEW NVR 308 series. Other 3rd party hardware was integrated for a unified solution. We will also touch on surveillance cybersecurity and the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) protection steps adopted by UNIVIEW.

CCTV Distributor in South Africa
Africa’s longest suspension bridge speeds up travel time from South Africa to Mozambique
CCTV Distributor in South Africa

Maputo Bay is a popular inlet to the Indian Ocean on the Mozambique coast, with the capital Maputo on one side and the vibrant town of Catembe on the opposite side. In 2018 a stunningly beautiful new bridge that connects Maputo to Catembe district was officially opened. Also opened was a new road that connects Mozambique directly to South Africa. The road cuts what was a four to six-hour journey down to two hours from the KwaZulu Natal. The road will lead to the development of trade, tourism and job creation for South Africa, Mozambique and Swaziland.

The full project cost more than $700-million (R11.2-billion) and necessitated the revamping of the border posts between South Africa and Mozambique. UNIVIEW security cameras and NVRs were the brands of choice for the borders toll surveillance technology.

The 3km-long Maputo Bay Bridge in Mozambique is the largest suspension bridge in the SADC Region and Africa and a primary transport link in Southern Africa. UNIVIEW is the surveillance technology supplier at the revamped border post between Mozambique and South Africa.

Why UNIVIEW Security Cameras and NVRs for the South Africa, Mozambique Border?

According to South African surveillance systems distributor Eurobyte Technology there are several key reasons the UNIVIEW security cameras and NVRS they distribute were chosen but the two key reasons are:

Track RecordUNIVIEW Security Cameras and NVRs are one of the top IP CCVT suppliers globally and one of the only companies that has continuously improved its ranking over the last four years according to the 2017 annual report from professional research institute IHS Markit. It is also one of the few EU GDPR surveillance technology brands.

ExperienceUNIVEW is the preferred brand for the hundreds of national key points including the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI). For this project, UNIVIEW Security Cameras and NVRs are used at 231 Toll Stations with more than 1300 security cameras and 200 NVRs. Critical for the project was the wide voltage range of ±25%, and ANR cache restores function. Even if the power grid or network is not stable, the camera can swiftly change to save the video to the memory card and automatically send it back to the local storage in the toll station when stability is reestablished.

CCTV Distributor in South Africa

UNIVIEW Box Cameras

How is analytics on Uniview Security Cameras and NVRs being used to protect South Africa, Mozambique border?

The recent launch of the stunningly beautiful new Maputo-Katemba Bridge that connects Maputo to Catembe district has opened a much-needed new route for South African businesses to more easily travel to Mozambique and vice versa. However, the opportunities also come with an expected spike in criminal activity such as car theft, human trafficking, arms and drugs smuggling.

Current preventative measures put in place by the South African National Defence Force’s joint operation with police on the South Africa, Mozambique border.

The current measures such as trenches, barriers, manual inspection of travellers and goods etc, while somewhat useful is fast becoming the Achilles heel in border security. This is where surveillance technology is solving some of the problems. UNIVEW Box cameras, Uniview NVR’s and Uniview VMS are examples of surveillance technology already used at the Mozambique, South Africa border.

UNIVIEW Box Cameras – Here’s why it’s the security camera for the South Africa, Mozambique border!

CCTV Distributor in South Africa

The UNIVIEW Box Camera from South African Surveillance Systems Distributor Eurobyte Technology

Great analytics features for border and perimeter security

  • Edge analytics and recording
  • Corridor mode
  • Clear face and vehicle detection
  • Scene Change (Object Left, Object Moving)

Box Camera Featuring Corridor Mode Toll gate tellers, managers and security specialists work with traffic coming in in columns to each gate. A wide-angle camera is unnecessary in this instance. Uniview security cameras can switch from a wide to tall angle landscape to portrait or corridor mode giving the operator a better angle of observation. This is just one of many of the analytics features adopted.

The highest level of compression for areas with low bandwidth

  • UltraH.265 (Ultra 265), H.265, H.264, MJPEG
  • Embedded smart algorithm

Deep Video compression

  • Separate moving target and static background with different codec to reduce bitrate
  • Dynamic GOP
  • Keep good image quality

Triple streams

  • All streams support U-code

Dynamic frame rate

  • Control frame rate depending on the video content

Ultra 265 on Uniview Security Cameras – Borders, game farms and remote locations all have one thing in common low bandwidth. Uniview cameras have developed U-Code (Ultra 265), an enhanced version of H.265 compression for surveillance systems distributors. Ultra 265 deep compression technology does not sacrifice resolution indiscriminately. U-Code uses IRP (Intelligent Region Perception) to detect motion in each frame, and this information is preserved while the other relatively static areas such as roads, grass areas, walls etc.. are squeezed to save storage. The storage savings are currently the highest on the market for surveillance systems distributors.

A wide voltage range for electricity fluctuations

  • AC 24V /DC 12 V/PoE with uninterruptible power suppl
  • Wide temperature range: -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
  • Wide voltage range of ±25%
  • 6 KV surge protection designed for network interface

Wide voltage range – Borders and remote areas are susceptible to fluctuations in power. Blackouts, brownouts and failovers all play havoc on electronics that do not have UPS functionality. UNIVIEW Security Cameras and NVRs are built to withstand changes for uninterrupted recording.

Closing Implementing your solution

UNIVIEW Security Cameras and NVRs are used by surveillance systems distributors across the globe to secure points of national interest. As a starting point, we recommend contacting Eurobyte Technology an official Uniview surveillance systems distributor for an in-depth analysis of your needs, budgets and timelines. If you a surveillance systems distributor in the planning, upgrading or maintenance phase, we would like to share some of the best solutions on the market with you.

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UNIVIEW Unicorn VMS – Control Room Environment for border security

Why UNIVIEW Unicorn is the CCTV Solution for the South Africa, Mozambique border post!

Control Rooms are at the heart of the mitigation of risk. Their action and reaction times are directly related to the prevention and management of incidents. Official border crossing areas can, without warning require all security forces to jump to immediate action to prevent imminent danger. Also, the perimeter areas if not guarded are susceptible to risk.

South African troops deployed along the South Africa-Mozambique border are making progress.

Surveillance systems distributors technology and human intervention are at the heart of a long-term solution. One key piece of technology already set up at South Africa, Mozambique border post is the Uniview UNICORN VMS. NVR’s and Security Cameras from surrounding areas and other toll gates can be integrated into a centralised command, management and storage area.

According to Roberto Vizcarra, surveillance systems distributors from Eurobyte Technology South Africa, the UNIVIEW Unicorn video storage and retrieval system opened up a host of new possibilities at the border. Here are just a few of the UNIVIEW Unicorn’s functions!

UNIVIEW Unicorn 500 Channel NVR Security System 16x SATA Interface CCTV

Video management – Number of connected cameras per server and online users

  • UNV Device: 1000 devices or 2000 channels
  • ONVIF Device: 200 devices
  • Numbers of online users (300)
CCTV Distributor in South Africa

The system allows surveillance systems distributors to set up 300 online users, 1000 device connections, up to 2000 channels of high-definition network videos. It also provides for the Unified management of NVR, IPC, decoder, network keyboard, cloud devices, alarm control panel and door access control and support devices configuration.

Storage and decoding

  • Hot-swappable HDDs
  • Support 16HDDs (3.5″, up to 8TB for each )
  • Max 16—1080P decoding outputs

Storage allows for 16 hard disks expandable to 48 disks with 384TB storage, recording backup and IPSAN storage. Decoding allows for 16—1080P decoding outputs, expandable up to 112—1080P.


  • Play NVR recordings
  • Up to 24 channels for multiple clients;
  • Synchronous playback up to 16 channels for single client

Playback services include live view, playback, sequence, video wall, E-map, two-way audio and alarm plan. It also has support for VCA alarms, configuring alarm-linkage operations, and displaying people counting statistics in reports.

Closing Implementing your solution

The full list of features goes on, and we invite you to our demo room to talk to us about the extent of features and requirements you have. Should your project require a more detailed plan, we have a dedicated Eurobyte Technology surveillance systems distributor team to walk you through the options. Give us a call; details are below.


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UNIVIEW NVR 308-16E/32E/64E-B –

UNIVIEW NVR for SADC’s border security

Over the last few weeks, we introduced the UNIVIEW border security solution at the South Africa, Mozambique border. We highlighted the benefits of the UNIVIEW Box camera security cameras and the scalability of the UNICORN VMS. In this section, we touch on the NVR’s used at the border, the NVR308 series.

A quick rundown of the range of UNIVIEW High-Quality product range.

A key factor for any border is the ability to manage multiple devices seamlessly for security updates, bug fixes and upgrades. UNIVEW NVR’s were selected because they meet and exceed all the criteria. Here are some of the features on the NVR308 series that made it the number one choice.

CCTV Distributor in South Africa

UNIVIEW NVR308-16E/32E/64E-B

Why the UNIVIEW NVR 308 is the NVR Solution of choice!

16/32/64 Channel 8 HDDs 4K NVR

  • 16/32/64-channel input
  • Up to 12 Megapixels resolution recording
  • Third-party IP cameras supported with ONVIF conformance: Profile S Profile G, Profile T
  • Support Ultra 265/H.265/H.264 video formats
  • 8 SATA HDDs, Up to 10TB for each HDD
  • Dewarping support for fisheye cameras
  • Support N+1 Hot Spare
  • ANR technology to enhance the storage reliability when the network is disconnected
  • Support cloud upgrade
  • Remote monitoring

The UNIVIEW Security Cameras and NVRs CMS software allows surveillance systems distributors to painlessly link an almost unlimited number of recorders and cameras all to the same IP address. When coupled with the Unicorn VMS control can be centralised, and all devices can be updated, inspected and deployed from a centralised location.

Smart Features via compatible UNIVIEW Security Cameras

  • Face detection
  • Cross line detection
  • Audio detection
  • Defocus detection
  • Scene change detection

The UNIVIEW NVR facilitates the processing of the camera data via the software platform. Some of the functions include the management of the databases for the above smart features.

VCA Search and statistical analysis

  • Face search
  • Behaviour search
  • People counting (Statistical Analysis)

Once data has been collected it needs to be analysed and processed. Above are some of the function that can be performed via the NVR.

Closing –Implementing your solution

The features and function are too many to detail, and we invite you to our showroom to see the Uniview NVR in action. When setting up your environment the scale of functions between the devices and 3rd party devices is immense and limited to the experience of the implementor. Our South African Eurobyte Technology team is highly experienced and will know the features that will give you the edge. Talk to us; we will gladly help you explore your options.


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The CCTV hacking SAGA

Is your surveillance technology safe in cyberspace?

With Africa embarking on a continent-wide free trade zone, it’s imperative to keep the flow of goods and services smooth and uninterrupted. UNIVIEW and local surveillance systems distributors such as Eurobyte Technology South Africa have already contributed to the vision and are working closely with stakeholders to contribute to the African agenda.

CCTV Distributor in South Africa
Africa’s longest Suspension Bridge in Mozambique opened in 2018 in Mozambique opened in 2018
CCTV Distributor in South Africa
UNIVIEW Security Cameras and NVRs at South Africa, Mozambique border leading to the new Suspension Bridge

Excellent transport networks coupled with secure surveillance technology solutions are two critical keys. However, the threat is not always on the ground; sometimes it comes from the cloud.

The cybersecurity saga –
Mass scale hacking of cameras

Over the last year, two of the leading Chinese CCTV brands were embroiled in a cybersecurity saga which involved the alleged mass scale hacking of their cameras. The US* and Australia have banned all Hikvision and Dahua surveillance systems distributors from using their products for government use. In brief, there have been accusations that these two subsidised Chinese government companies are tools for Chinese intelligence and used to hack open ports of the cameras.

As a proactive measure and in response to the end-users fears UNIVIEW took the initiative and are now the first IP surveillance company in the world to be certified by TUV. TUV Rheinland is a GDPR watchdog. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union. The GDPR aims primarily to give control back to citizens and residents over their data and to simplify the regulatory environment for international business by unifying the regulation within the EU. The GDPR is a replacement of the 1995 Data Protection Directive (Directive 95/46/EC).

What is the GDPR

This certification gives UNIVIEW security cameras and NVRs, their surveillance systems distributors and their product range a clean bill health and trust at the highest level across the globe. UNIVIEW have provided solutions hundreds of national key point including the local South Africa, Mozambique border. They work with distributors such as Eurobyte Technology to ensure project managers and end-users get the most out of the brand.

CCTV Distributor in South Africa

If you want to know more, give Eurobyte Technology surveillance team a call. Don’t get caught off guard and leave your systems and clients vulnerable. There are measures and steps you can take to ensure you and your client are safe from mass scale hacking.

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