Uniview’s POE extends to an impressive 300m

A camera surveillance system

Uniview’s POE extends to an impressive 300m

In a traditional network there are distance restrictions, for example, ethernet and POE both restrict cable distances to 100 meters between network ports. This poses a problem for installers because POE-powered devices such as IP cameras and wireless access points must often be located way beyond these points particularly in project scenarios. This is where Uniview fits as the perfect solution.

Free cloud upgrade Service
Another excellent feature is Uniview’s cloud camera and NVR upgrade feature. At the click of a button you can auto download the latest firmware and upgrade all the cameras. It’s simple, it’s fast & free.

Easy installation
Uniview has been deliberately designed to be user friendly and easy to upgrade. The plug and play feature requires no configuration. This saves time and simplifies the processes.

Eurobyte is the official distributor of Uniview products, give us a call for pricing or visit our website for more information

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