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The Weatherproof Outdoor Ventilated Server Cabinet for Network Installations Leave a comment

Weatherproof Outdoor Ventilated Server Cabinet. This month we are touching on four essential products at the heart of your fibre network installation. Fibre optic communication has become the medium of choice for the transmission of telephone, internet and cable television data signals. The first product we touch on is the Cattex IP55 Ventilated Outdoor 20U Server Cabinet.

Outdoor server equipment is expensive, susceptible to harsh weather conditions and vulnerable to vandals and theft. When setting up your outdoor Fibre Network, it is vital to find the most secure, robust enclosure. We have considered all the concerns, and by far, the best, safest solution is the Cattex IP55 Outdoor Ventilated Server Cabinet . To find out why we think this is great Outdoor Ventilated Server Cabinet click the link below to read more.

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Product Features

  • Loading Capacity: 1200kgs
  • Materials: High-quality cold rolled steel
  • Thickness Cabinet 1.6 mild steel

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If you have a Fibre Installation project or outdoor network equipment, the Cattex IP55 Waetherproof Outdoor Ventilated Server Cabinet is just one of our many options available to you.

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How It’s Made – 643 Laser Cutters
Our Cattex Network Server Cabinets are locally manufactured and exported globally. We use precision laser cutters. Ever wondered how a laser cutter works. Here’s a short how it’s made video.

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