Why you should buy networking cabinets manufactured in South Africa

Networking Server Cabinets

Why you should buy networking cabinets manufactured in South Africa

There are many reasons to buy networking cabinets manufactured in South Africa, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, one reason stands out above the rest: better prices.

The pandemic may have slowed down several industries, but system integrators and installers are as busy as ever as they help more South African companies adopt digital and improve their infrastructure for remote working.

Networking cabinets are an essential element of every digital transformation project, but importing this equipment is no longer as easy as it was before the spread of COVID-19.

Reasons to purchase locally manufactured networking cabinets

Importing networking cabinets is not only more expensive than it was, but it can also take longer than before due to transportation restrictions.

With the fluctuating exchange rate and higher import tariffs, imported stock cannot compete with locally manufactured products, explains Jacqueline Irshwadhar, server cabinet product manager at Eurobyte. “The price for imported products is very high, which is why purchasing locally is much more affordable now.

She explains that another benefit of locally manufactured networking cabinets is that they can be designed according to unique specifications whereas imported server racks are often only available in standard sizes.

Buying South African-produced equipment becomes a no-brainer when the benefit to the local economy is considered, as Irshwadhar notes: As long as COVID-19 endures, the economy will operate below potential, but if we localise our purchases we’re assisting the economy and saving jobs.

Companies manufacturing networking cabinets in South Africa

Irshwadhar has noticed an increase in demand for locally produced networking cabinets as more system integrators and installers realise the value of home-grown technology solutions.

Eurobyte is a distributor of Cattex, a brand which offers a wide range of networking cabinets manufactured right here in South Africa. These server racks can be designed according to specific client requirements.

Build quality of these products is also superior when compared to many imported alternatives, while lead times and stock availability for tailor-made projects can’t be matched by importers.

The Cattex range is made up of indoor, outdoor and remote cabinets, including:

  1. Floor standing indoor cabinets
  2. Wall-mounted cabinets
  3. Outdoor IP-rated floor standing cabinets
  4. Outdoor wall-mounted cabinets
  5. Laptop/iPad/tablet sync and charging trolleys

Cattex offers clients the option to customise its networking cabinets in a range of colours and with coloured lighting, laser-printed logos and stickers.

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Register to order

Registered dealers can access more information as well as price lists of Cattex products online. Follow the easy registration process here.

Eurobyte provides its registered dealers with product knowledge, technical, sales and solution support, and ensures its customers are fully equipped to distribute and install its products.

Want to purchase Cattex equipment as a private individual? Contact the Eurobyte team to find your nearest reseller.

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